Pond Life – Ceramic Sculptures


Neil Dalrymple’s garden pond has been his main inspiration for these sculptures. Here Neil gets first hand information from the frogs, toads, newts, fish and other inhabitants of the pond such as Dragonfly larvae. His amphibian ceramic sculptures have been exhibited at the Society of Wild Life Artists (SWLA) Mall Gallery, The Mall London UK.


His sculptures have also been shown at Slimbridge Wild Fowl and Wetland Trust in Gloucestershire. Neil creates sculptures to be as colourful as in nature by using stoneware underglaze stains to enhance the final work.



40cmL x 23cmH

Toads appear in Welsh folklore e.g. Great Toad of Cors Fochno (Borth Bog) in Dyfed.



40cmL x 25cmH

Frogs congregate in ponds usually in mid to late February to spawn.


Great Crested Newt


Great Crested Newt is Britain’s largest (and protected) newt.


Frog pond


This is taken from my garden pond in summer with its water lilies and frogs.


A grass snake and pond


A grass snake in pursuit of a frog in an overgrown pond.


Life under Water Lillies

20cmH ceramic stoneware sculpture

Rudd, sticklebacks, newts and frogs.


Dragonfly and Froglet

10cm x 8cm

Efts Newt Tadpoles

10 cm H  x 10cm L


Raku clay stained with oxides .

Ceramic Sculpture