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Neil Dalrymple specializes in handmade original stoneware ceramic sculptures. His themes of work are predominantly realistic and anatomically accurate.

Neil is most well known for his fine art fish sculptures. His fish include game, coarse and saltwater species.

Neil Dalrymple’s wild life sculptures include otters, badgers, birds and pond life such as frogs, toads and newts and a wide variety of water features.

He has also made many ceramic sculptures of his figurative work from nude life studies as well as a wide variety of animals and birds.

Neil has created a broad range of mythological sculptures influenced by Welsh folklore, Arthurian legend and Classical mythology. His work include nymphs, gods and goddesses, Green Men and in particular, dragons!

The images on this site are examples of stoneware ceramic sculptures that Neil has produced and comprise only part of his full portfolio of work. They can be repeated on request, however, they are unique and therefore will not be identical to the original.

Neil Dalrymple can be contacted to discuss any individual requirements for sculptures. Prices range from £25 – £1500 (approx.) according to size, detail and individual specifications.

What Our Customers are Saying

Neil, I have just safely received the lovely sculpture, up to all my expectations. A photo of it will certainly be used in the book, which will be graced by its presence.

Once again, many thanks for a piece of art that I shall treasure and pass down to the family!

PR ... Cambridge

“The detail in your work is fantastic. All our visitors comment on the sculpture. Thank you again Neil!”

FD, Ruthin

All arrived safely today.

It is a wonderful piece of art, of which I feel very fortunate to own and display in my home for all to view.

Once again, thank you for doing this for me.

CY ... BC, Canada

The Gilgamesh Tablets arrived safely in their full glory!

They are simply stunning!


AAN ... England

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