Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture


Cock and hen salmon


Two salmon resting at tail of a salmon pool on their upstream journey.

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Brown trout


This trout was commissioned for an angler who caught the fish in Anglesey, North Wales and Neil copied it in clay.

Sea Trout


This sea trout was commissioned from a 3lb fish the client caught in the River Clwyd in North Wales.

Salmon Circle


The inspiration for this sculpture came from Neil seeing salmon swimming in this circular formation whilst fishing in North Wales.

Loch Garry Browntrout

40cm long

Ceramic stoneware sculpture commission

This trout was caught, photographed and then released

Cock and Hen Salmon

63cm long (both)

Ceramic stoneware sculpture commission

Browntrout pursuing salmon parr

39cm high

Ceramic stoneware sculpture

Browntrout from Big Horn River USA

64cm long

Ceramic stoneware sculpture commission

This trout was caught, photographed and then released

Prince of Wales honours Orri Vigfusson with one of Neil’s sculptures. Orri is the Icelandic salmon conservationist who negotiated the buyout of Faroese and Greenland high sea salmon fisheries. Prince Charles presented him with one of his sculptures of a cock and hen Atlantic salmon which had been specially commissioned by the Salmon and Trout Association. The ceremony took place at a reception held in Orri Vigfusson’s honour at St James’s Palace in 1995.

“In 1994 I was thrilled to receive a superb sculpture that had been specially created by Neil Dalrymple. It is one of my most treasured possessions, both for its beauty and the fact that it was commissioned jointly by the Salmon and Trout Association and the Atlantic Salmon Trust and presented to me by Prince Charles in appreciation for my work in the conservation of Atlantic salmon. The sculpture was on display at Keflavik, Iceland’s international mid-Atlantic airport, for several years but it now lives in the living room of my home in Reykjavik where it has pride of place.” 

Orri Vigfússon

Chinook Salmon

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture

46cms (salmon length)

Atlantic Salmon

Commissioned by NASCO

60cms (salmon length)

Atlantic Salmon (detail)

Leaping Seatrout

35cms high

Atlantic Salmon

NASCO commission

40cms (salmon length)

Rainbow trout

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture  33 cm L X 25 cm H

American Brooktrout

Ceramic Stoneware



Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture 32cmLx21cmH

Atlantic Salmon

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture


Atlantic Salmon

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture.  43cmLx27cmH

Brown Trout

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture.  35cmL

Cock and Hen Atlantic Salmon

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture and Glaze

Salmon measure between 60-65 cm long without curve

Private commission for NASCO

Cock and Hen Atlantic Salmon

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture and glaze

Salmon measure between 60 and 65 cm long

Private Commission for NASCO




Salmon Sculpture (detail)

Stoneware Ceramic Sculpture

Private Commission for NASCO 2017

Salmon in river


Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture and Colouring

Atlantic Salmon

Ceramic stoneware sculpture and glaze


Brown Trout in Hand

Brown Trout in Hand

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture



A fresh water fish

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture



Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture



Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture and Glazes




Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture