Mythology – Ceramic Sculptures

Much of Neil Dalrymple sculptural inspiration comes from folklore and mythology of the British Isles and Europe. Some images are purely imaginary whilst others represent well known deities such as Pan and the Green Man, a union of human and nature.

Blodeuedd Woman … Celtic Folklore

36cmW x 40cmH

Ceramic stoneware sculpture. Inspired by the story ‘Math Son of Mathonwy’ from the book ‘The Mabinogion’. She was created by magic out of flowers of oak, meadowsweet and broom.

Green Man

Man’s union with nature. The archetype of our oneness with the earth.

33cmW x 40cmH

Alder Tree Wood Nymph ceramic stoneware sculpture

40cmH x 30cmW

Oak tree Wood Nymph ceramic stoneware sculpture

40cmH x 35cmW

Leda and the Swan ceramic stoneware sculpture

28cmW x 33cmH

The Greek god Zeus is manifested as a massive swan in this sculptural piece. The original work was created in marble and this has been interpreted in stoneware clay.

“Pan”, ceramic stoneware sculpture

37cm high x 25cm wide

Fighting Dragons

Ceramic stoneware dragons representing the struggle between the English Saxons and Welsh Celts from the legend of Merlin and the Fighting Dragons of Dinas Emrys.

50cms high

Closeup detail of Fighting Dragons as above …

Terracotta Ceramic Sculpture

22cm H

Terracotta Ceramic Sculpture

28cm H


Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture

45cm high

Teracotta Sculptural Relief


Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture .

45 cm H

Terracotta Woman .  Sculptural Relief

23 cm H x 16 cm W

Terracotta Sculptural Relief . Lilith

26 cm H x 20 cm W

Mabinogion Scenes From Tale 4

Math son of Mathonwy

Watercolour A1 size

 Scene from the 4th Tale of the Mabinogion

Ceramic Stoneware Sculptural Relief

94 cm H x 61 cm W

Scene from the 4th tale of the Mabinogion book

Ceramic stoneware sculptural relief  95cmHx60cmW


Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture



Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture