Birds – Ceramic Sculptures

Neil Dalrymple makes varieties of birds in ceramic stoneware clay. He makes sculptures of bird species which range from the little wrens, robins and kingfishers to the Golden Eagle. The smaller birds offer scope for Neil’s skills in creating their feather effects and bright colours as well as their delicate features.

Birds of prey are a popular choice amongst the larger species and require anatomical accuracy in their reproduction in order to capture their intensity.

White Tailed Eagle

Ceramic stoneware sculpture

57cms H x 40cm W


Ceramic Stoneware

53cm H  x 27 cm W

Red Kite


Red Kites are becoming more common in mid Wales and are extending their territory into North Wales.

This was a private commission for a bird watcher, photographer and art collector.



From Northern Scandinavia, Finland and Siberia.

Flocks of waxwings took up residence in the grounds of Ruthin Craft Centre during the winter of 2004-05 feeding on the berries in the trees.


25cmL x 33cmH

A fish hunting bird of prey.

In 2004 a couple of ospreys were seen living in the estuary of the river Glaslyn, Gwynedd, North Wales.

This sculpture was a private commission which was auctioned to raise money for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).


Life sized ceramic stoneware sculpture.

40 cms H

Little Owl

Ceramic Stoneware sculpture

Life size  22cms high

Tawny Owl

Ceramic stoneware sculpture

28cms long (Bird) 25cms high (sculpture)

Green Woodpecker

Ceramic stoneware sculpture

Life size: 33cms long  (Bird)

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Ceramic stoneware sculpture

Lifesize: 23cms long (Bird)

Bird Bowl

Ceramic Stoneware

17cm W x 12cm H


Ceramic Stoneware sculpture

12cm H

Bird Bowl

Ceramic stoneware

20cm W


Bird Wall Pot – Wrens

Ceramic Stoneware

17cm H x 15cm W

Bird Pot Wrens

Ceramic Stoneware

 13 cm H x 14 cm W

Bird Pot – Wren – Black cap – Tree Sparrow

Ceramic Stoneware

15 cm H x 20 cm W

Bird Tree Candle Holder

Ceramic Stoneware

16 cm H x 11 cm W

Crested Tits

Ceramic Stoneware 19 cm H x 19 cm W


Ceramic Sculpture



Ceramic Stoneware 28cmHx36cmW

Ravens at a well

Porcelain Ceramic Sculpture


Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture. Long Eared Owl  Little Owl and other Birds.

34cmH x 20cmW

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture. Long Eared Owl, Little Owl and Garden Birds.

34cmH x 20cmW

Little Owl Nuthatch and Tree Creeper. Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture. side A

Garden Birds – Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture – side B


Red Kite

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture 60cmLx40cmH  Commission


Bald Eagle Head

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture and Glaze. Eyes Glass


Large Eared Owl

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture