Birds – Ceramic Sculptures

OSPREY Half Submerged

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture.


White Tailed Eagle

Ceramic stoneware sculpture

57cms H x 40cm W


Ceramic Stoneware

53cm H  x 27 cm W

Red Kite


Red Kites are becoming more common in mid Wales and are extending their territory into North Wales.

This was a private commission for a bird watcher, photographer and art collector.



From Northern Scandinavia, Finland and Siberia.

Flocks of waxwings took up residence in the grounds of Ruthin Craft Centre during the winter of 2004-05 feeding on the berries in the trees.


25cmL x 33cmH

A fish hunting bird of prey.

In 2004 a couple of ospreys were seen living in the estuary of the river Glaslyn, Gwynedd, North Wales.

This sculpture was a private commission which was auctioned to raise money for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).


Life sized ceramic stoneware sculpture.

40 cms H

Little Owl

Ceramic Stoneware sculpture

Life size  22cms high

Tawny Owl

Ceramic stoneware sculpture

28cms long (Bird) 25cms high (sculpture)

Green Woodpecker

Ceramic stoneware sculpture

Life size: 33cms long  (Bird)

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Ceramic stoneware sculpture

Lifesize: 23cms long (Bird)

Bird Bowl

Ceramic Stoneware

17cm W x 12cm H


Ceramic Stoneware sculpture

12cm H

Bird Bowl

Ceramic stoneware

20cm W


Bird Wall Pot – Wrens

Ceramic Stoneware

17cm H x 15cm W

Bird Pot Wrens

Ceramic Stoneware

 13 cm H x 14 cm W

Bird Pot – Wren – Black cap – Tree Sparrow

Ceramic Stoneware

15 cm H x 20 cm W

Bird Tree Candle Holder

Ceramic Stoneware

16 cm H x 11 cm W

Crested Tits

Ceramic Stoneware 19 cm H x 19 cm W


Ceramic Sculpture



Ceramic Stoneware 28cmHx36cmW

Ravens at a well

Porcelain Ceramic Sculpture


Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture. Long Eared Owl  Little Owl and other Birds.

34cmH x 20cmW

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture. Long Eared Owl, Little Owl and Garden Birds.

34cmH x 20cmW

Little Owl Nuthatch and Tree Creeper. Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture. side A

Garden Birds – Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture – side B


Red Kite

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture 60cmLx40cmH  Commission


Bald Eagle Head

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture and Glaze. Eyes Glass


Large Eared Owl

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture