Wildlife – Ceramic Sculptures


Most of Neil Dalrymple’s life has been spent living in North Wales and Vancouver Island, British Columbia in Canada. In Wales he comes across wildlife such as badgers, otters, water voles, and many birds.

One of his favourite and most popular subjects is when Neil creates a clay sculpture of an otter with a fish in its mouth. Another favourite and relative of the otter is the badger.


Otter with Sea Trout

50cmL x 30cmH

Neil frequently sees otters whilst fishing in the river Dee and Clwyd in North Wales.


Otter looking at Brown Trout

35cmL x 40cmH

In autumn, brown trout will leave the larger streams and migrate up the smaller tributary streams to lay their eggs in the gravel.

This sculpture depicts a large trout in a small stream vulnerable to predators like the otter.


Ceramic stoneware Otter sculpture

50cmL x 35cmH

Otters are frequently seen in rivers Dee and Clwyd in North Wales


Otter – Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture


Otters Swimming

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture


Otter and Sea Trout

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture



Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture   45cmL




Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture and Stoneware Glaze


Otter Bowl

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture and Glaze


Otter and Sea Trout Bowl

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture and Glaze




Otter in a pool

Ceramic Stoneware Sculpture and Glaze